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How should I repair the melter?

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    The application of adhesives in the maintenance of mechanical equipment is an important aspect of the bonding technology. In China, the current economic foundation is still relatively weak. The mechanical equipment of a large number of industrial enterprises is still in the stage of transformation and renewal, and it has its practical significance. For mechanical equipment damaged by natural factors or human factors, only a small amount of manpower and material resources are used for rapid Repairing is much more cost effective than updating the device. Even if the economy is strong in the future and the industry is developed, low-cost bonding technology will remain as an important means. As for the emergency repair under special circumstances (such as no parking and blocking, etc.), it is indispensable in any situation.


    There are several important factors to note when bonding repairs:

    1. High strength requirements. Except for special reasons, most of the damage to mechanical equipment occurs in weak links or where stress is concentrated. When using glue repair, high-strength structural adhesive must be used in conjunction with appropriate mechanical connection of the plum segment, and the entire process should be very careful to prevent mechanical stress and thermal stress.

    2. The process is difficult. For the usual bonding process, the joint can be designed in advance. Even if the glue is used on the shaped product, the bonding method and the joint are generally regular. The cracks of the damaged equipment often appear in unpredictable positions, the joints are also strange, and some huge equipment can not be moved at all. This brings great difficulties to a series of processes such as pre-treatment, sizing, heating and curing.

    3, time requirements are tight. When a marine oil pipe injection or a gas gas cabinet leaks during navigation, emergency measures must be taken under load conditions: first, use a fast adhesive to block the gap, and then take reinforcement measures against the blockage so that it no longer becomes a weak link. . All of this requires completion in a relatively short period of time, and can maintain a normal operation for a long period of time and even long-term operation.

    Damage to mechanical equipment can be roughly classified into three types: cracking, wear and leakage. Therefore, the glue repair can also be divided into three types: patching, trimming and tamping.

    1, the split type. Equipment that is thin or under pressure can be used in the usual bonding process. Thick-walled and heavily stressed parts and equipment should be repaired with a lawsuit.

    2, trimming type. In addition to simply restoring the performance profile, when dressing the wear-type machine, a large amount of wear-resistant filler should be added to the glue to increase its wear resistance.

    3, dry block type. Generally, it is blocked, as long as the adherend and the medium inside and outside the container are considered. Without stopping the plugging, it is also necessary to consider the more complicated problems such as special conditions (temperature, pressure) and bonding speed when sticking.

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