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PUR melter


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A technical parameters
20LPUR plastic machine:
          * Capacity: 5 gallons (20L capacity)
          * For plastic bucket diameter: φ280mm or φ286mm (please specify when ordering)
          * Melt capacity: 12.0 kg / hr
          * Maximum pump speed: 45.0 kg / hr
          * Hose interface: 1 channel
          * Motor: AC AC variable speed motors, adjustable speed.
          * Pump system: high-precision metering gear pumps
            Uniform pressure, a glue stable
            Adapt adhesive range up 100000CPS
            Maximum glue pressure: 80BAR
          * Pressure plate "Teflon" coating, effectively reducing carbide, which will help clean
          * Large diameter hose outlet design, while meeting the requirements of the different spray
          * PLC and touch screen control, easy to operate
          * Independently of each zone temperature control
          * Has a standby power-saving mode and working time setting function.
          * Cryogenic pump start protection, over temperature protection
          * System pump glue overvoltage
         * The system of self-diagnosis and auto-detection, security design
         * Plastic barrel hoop prone positioning, automatic inflation is extremely easy buckets off
         * Plate pressure plate, less residual glue, heating speed, temperature uniformity
         * Lift cylinder pressure adjustable
         * Put his hands platen safety design
         * Plastic bits (empty bucket) alarm
         * Electric joins push design for easy replacement and maintenance
         * Supply voltage: 220VAC, single-phase 3-wire
         * Melter main power: 5KW
PUR Hot Melt
First, what is the PUR Hot Melt?
As the name suggests, PUR hot melt coating PUR hot melt adhesive is used to machine.
Second, what is the PUR hot melt adhesive?
PUR (Polyurethane Reactive), Chinese called the moisture curing polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives. The main ingredient is isocyanate polyurethane prepolymer. PUR adhesion and toughness (elasticity) can be adjusted, and has excellent adhesion strength, heat resistance, chemical resistance and resistance to aging in recent years has become one of the important species adhesives industry. Now widely used packaging, wood processing, automotive, textile, electronics, aerospace and other economic areas. PUR adhesive is a molecular structure containing polar and chemical inertness of urethane groups (-NHCOO-) or isocyanate (-NCO), containing active hydrogen materials, such as wood, leather, fabric, paper, ceramics and other porous materials and plastic, metal, glass, rubber and other materials have a smooth surface, excellent adhesion.
Three, PUR hot melt machine classification
1, from the way for the glue to points: There are two type pump and gear pump,
2. Melt the way to points: There are two, melting cylinder type and pressure disc.
a, hopper-type: the heating part of a thick-walled cylinder, commonly made of aluminum alloy. Small package of plastic pieces (particles) into which the heating and melting. The cylinder block has a lid. This model commonly used in small plastic machine, has been rare.
b, pressure disc: a heating portion for heating the aluminum plate, when using the hot plate from the barrel pressed down into the glue, the heating plate is located above the gum, when the heating plate is heated, only the top layer of plastic and the heating contact plate, so as to reach the melting point and melted down plastic buckets unheated portions case, the number of required production, the number of melted glue to avoid prolonged heating aging deterioration. When the melt gum and air isolation: an O-ring seal between the inner wall of the heating plate and plastic buckets, so that the liquid does not gum melted on contact with air, to ensure that the conditions require the use of PUR. Pressure plate made of aluminum alloy casting, CNC precision machining, heat the outer surface of DuPont Teflon pan deep penetration sintering process, the coating has high strength easy to fall off and so on. Its easy to remove the glue, the glue can effectively prevent charring, ensuring optimal gum, gum reduce transmission system congestion.
Fourth, the market pressure disc, depending on the use of PUR hot melt plastic buckets, divided into five gallons (20kg) and 55 gallons (200kg) in two sizes.

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