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Hot Melt Host

Hot melt glue system

Pump form: gear pump

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Host Parameters

TANK Capacity: 5/10/15 / 30KG

Pump power: Gear pump / pump out of plastic

Operating temperature: ≤230 ℃

Overall power consumption: 4000W

Electricity demand: 220VAC / single-phase

Melt glue capacity: 5/10/15 / 30kg / hr

Body weight: 45kg

Body size: 680x350x630mm

Pressure range: gun: 4.5kg

Hose length: 2/4/6/8/10 / 24Ft

Hose Capacity: 2 groups

Teflon non-carbonization process TANK



High-strength aluminum alloy molding, wear. Glue lasting good, long life.

Circuit fault detection: maintain the efficiency of the machine and hot melt glue stable quality.

Temperature control precision, the TANK, middle and bottom of individual temperature control, PID temperature difference of ± 1 ℃ lower carbonation opportunities.

Choose to follow TANK capacity pump system, or layaway special capacity.

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