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Which industries use hot melt machines?

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        Hot melt adhesive equipment has many names, which can be a hot melt adhesive machine, which can be called a hot melt adhesive box, or a glue sprayer. The reason for this equipment is that the quality-guaranteed glue is first added to the plastic container, and then the glue inside the container is heated and melted, and the glue is transported to the glue-spraying port by the transportation officer of the equipment, and then the glue is sprayed for some products. The staff then sealed.

        Home industry: The home industry includes some hygiene products, furniture and so on. Among these products, there will also be a hot melt glue dispenser. For example, toilet paper, the front end of the toilet paper will have adhesion, when it is used, it is necessary to open the layer of adhesive, and then the entire roll of paper can be used. This layer of glue is the use of a glue dispenser.

        Packaging industry: There are many packaging boxes in the packaging industry. The packaging box is only a flat piece of paper at first. To make a box with different shapes, it is necessary to cut and paste the box. At this time, it is even more difficult to use a hot melt glue dispenser.

        Automotive industry: People who have bought cars are very clear. There are windshields around the car, and the sealing degree of this windshield is very strict. As long as the glass is closed, not only has a high sound insulation effect, but also The higher the insulation effect, the most important thing is that the rain does not come in, the wind does not come in. And this effect is the help of a hot melt machine.

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