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The performance and operation of hot melt adhesives are closely related

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       1, temperature

      If the temperature of the hot melt machine is too high, the hot melt will oxidize and burn the gas, thereby changing the adhesive properties and adversely affecting the adhesive force.

      If the temperature of the hot melt machine is too low, the hot melt adhesive will not be completely liquefied, resulting in uneven coating and weakening of adhesion.

      2, glue roller

      When the drum is operated at a high temperature, the adhesion ability can be improved, but the adhesive flow is large, which enhances the penetration force in the liquidified state and also causes the surface of the material to become wet. As a result, the production speed is retarded because the hot melt adhesive requires a longer cooling time.

      The production speed is increased, and improperly lowering the temperature of the drum will reduce the adhesion and penetration of the hot melt adhesive, and the adhesive effect will be inferior.

      3, bonding substrate (plate)

      The substrate is suitable for use above 15 ° C in order to have a good adhesion.

      Because when the bonding, the hot melt adhesive contacts the low temperature substrate, the temperature will drop sharply and rapidly, which will directly reduce the liquefaction state of the hot melt adhesive and affect its adhesion and penetration.

      4, temperature (substrate / edge banding)

      If the temperature of the substrate and the edge seal is too high (the wood contains high moisture), when exposed to high temperature hot melt, the water will be atomized and volatilized immediately, which will form a layer of water vapor between the substrate and the edge seal, and hinder and Affect the bonding effect.

      5, production speed

      Setting the speed depends on the substrate of different properties, edge sealing and hot melt adhesive, and different speed adjustments are made.

      Increasing the speed will keep the hot melt (high temperature) liquefied, which will enhance adhesion and penetration, but the relative cooling time will also be reduced.

      6, pressure (pressure roller)

      Without proper and sufficient pressure, it will have an effect on the adhesion.

      The pressure adjustment depends on the condition of the bonding material and the hot melt liquid. Generally, the lower the liquid state, the higher the pressure required. The higher the liquid state, the lower the pressure required, because it can maintain heat. The penetration of the melt makes the bond more successful.

      When the solid wood is bonded and the pressure is not good, there are many problems, especially bonding some curved roads or thicker edges.

      Only by mastering certain skills and setting a suitable pressure can a good bonding effect be achieved.

      7, the amount of glue

      More glue will increase the adhesion, but the production speed will be slower.

      However, if there is too much glue, there is glue exposed at the edge position, and when the object needs to be painted, the hot melt adhesive will be inflated when it comes into contact with the paint, and then the adhesive edge may be detached.

      On the contrary, in order to speed up the production, the reduction of the amount of glue will result in insufficient hot melt adhesive force and a decrease in the quality of the product.


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